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A Response to Dennis Garvin’s ‘Reflections of A Former Darwinist’

This post is a response to a piece written by Dennis Garvin in the Roanoke Star on August 31st called Reflections of a former Darwinist. In it, I hope to address some of the claims that Dennis makes about evolution … Continue reading

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This is Why Christianity is Losing the Culture War: Bryan Fischer Edition

It is no longer a fact that US Christian churches can ignore: They are hemorrhaging members at never before seen rates. With rising rates of support for progressive issues like LGBT equality and women’s reproductive rights, the messages of mainline … Continue reading

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On Unfair Characterizations of Nonbelievers

I often hear both believers and atheists make comments like “Why do you even bother arguing? No one is going to change their position.” This is so crazy to hear, considering that most atheists were at one time believers themselves. … Continue reading

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Eric Hovind on Josh Duggar and Moral Responsibility

Speaking in defense of Josh Duggar recently, Eric Hovind asserted that accepting the reality of biological evolution leaves us unable to criticize the morality of a person’s actions. These sorts of statements really aren’t anything new for Hovind, who is … Continue reading

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