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Marco Rubio: Marriage Equality is a Danger to America

Marco Rubio was interviewed on the Christian Broadcasting Network’s 700 Club on Tuesday, where he warned that marriage equality presents a “real and present danger” to America. Speaking with CBN’s David Brody, Rubio riled against LGBT rights advocates who he sees as … Continue reading

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Eric Hovind on Josh Duggar and Moral Responsibility

Speaking in defense of Josh Duggar recently, Eric Hovind asserted that accepting the reality of biological evolution leaves us unable to criticize the morality of a person’s actions. These sorts of statements really aren’t anything new for Hovind, who is … Continue reading

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“I just want you to believe in something”

This is a sentiment I have heard expressed a number of times from family members, most notably my parents. Though I grew up in a Catholic home, I would consider my parents to align more with the “cultural Catholic” identity. … Continue reading

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Why do I self-identify as an atheist?

This is often a point of discussion whenever I mention the fact that I am an atheist to someone for the first time. The response is usually something like “How can you know for certain there is no God?!” I … Continue reading

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