A Response to Dennis Garvin’s ‘Reflections of A Former Darwinist’

This post is a response to a piece written by Dennis Garvin in the Roanoke Star on August 31st called Reflections of a former Darwinist. In it, I hope to address some of the claims that Dennis makes about evolution and what he sees as its implications, as he requested in the comment section of the article.

As the title of the piece would suggest, Dennis no longer believe in the reality of evolution. He came to reject it in his mid thirties. Why? Because altruism exists. Continue reading

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Transgender Rights Argument Erupts at Missouri High School

Transgender student Lila Perry

Hillsboro Senior Lila Perry

The right of a transgender student to use the restroom of the gender she identifies with is being disputed by members of the local community at Hillboro High School in Missouri. Lila Perry, a senior at Hillsboro High, came out as transgender last year. Since that time, she had been using a unisex restroom. Since Perry identifies as a female, she informed school teachers and administrators this year that she desired to be treated like the other female students, which included access to female restrooms and locker rooms.

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The Godless Delusion – Introduction

GodlessDelusionpp. 7-9     The Godless Delusion‘s introduction recounts the first experience that Patrick Madrid had with an atheist when he was a young boy of 11. A next door neighbor was driving his sister and him home as a favor for their mother, and young Patrick apparently made the tragic mistake of mentioning God in front of her.

“God?” She gave a snort. “You believe in God, huh?”

“Yes…” I said timidly, confused by the sharp note of derision that so suddenly had entered her voice.

“Well, there’s no such thing as God,” she snapped. “He doesn’t exist, and people who believe in God believe in a myth.” (p. 7)

Is it possible that this interaction occurred exactly as Madrid recounts? Absolutely. But, on the other hand, this interaction strikes me as the sort of anecdote that believers often offer up to show how mean and angry atheists are in their interactions with Christians. Continue reading

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Book Review: The Godless Delusion

GodlessDelusionOne of the things I want this blog to be is an atheist’s perspective and response to different Christian apologetic books and articles, which I have already started to do on a smaller scale. One of the things that often occurs when talking about religion and atheism with Christians is that they will often say “I have a book you should read.” And I get this. Most assume that we’re only atheists because we haven’t been presented the right information. And part of being a freethinker is actually engaging with ideas one doesn’t automatically agree with. We should always challenge ourselves to learn more, and to always be open to the possibility that we are mistaken in our reasoning.

My first foray into responding to Christian apologetics is going to be The Godless Delusion: A Catholic Challenge to Modern Atheism by Patrick Madrid and Kenneth Hensley. Continue reading

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The Logical Christian? A Response


Not Al Neuhauser

I read an opinion piece today called “The Logical Christian” in the Lake Country Now out of Wisconsin, written by an Al Neuhauser. Al thinks very highly of himself, which makes the entire piece even more amazing. Neuhauser presents fallacy after fallacy after inaccuracy after fallacy, to the point that its almost hard to read. Al provides so much to respond to. He begins: Continue reading

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